Case Scenarios

Electronic Medical Record built on your business specifics

ArdoCARE Is for You

Endocrinology Private Practice Ltd. is one-physician medical practice specialized in endocrinology renowned for its quality services. Requests for second opinions from patients examined and/or treated elsewhere are growing. You as a physician would like to help but your 3-month booked agenda does not allow it. ‘Isn’t really anything I can do?` you wonder.

ArdoCARE digitalizes your second opinion services
Respond to patients’ requests for second opinions online

Second Opinion Platform

Second opinion services offered by specialized medical practices is a universally desired emerging trend.
Patients who are uncertain of how to proceed can now receive a second opinion from you as a specialist, based on a thoughtful review of their medical records.
Patients or their families upload their files directly for you to review them and give your expert opinion. SecOp ArdoCAre is both a simple and secure solution that you can use to help your patients understand, articulate, explain or validate previous medical interpretation or diagnoses.

Meet patients’ needs for second opinions on their medical issues

Download ArdoCare SecOp - Online Second Opinion Services

Global Dentistry Practice Ltd. is a renowned clinic of dentistry providing services to their clients in different locations/franchises worldwide. It usually happens that their client Larry visits their clinic in another country every month because of his intense traveling. And it usually happens that Larry forgets his medical papers from previous visits. Sounds annoyingly familiar, right? But you still want to do your best for the client, right?

Now you have ArdoCARE:
Easy-to-use and integrate, tailored for specific roles and needs, cost-saving
and streamlining processes

Document management software for dentistry practice

With the Dentistry Practice module from ArdoCARE, your patients’ documents are never lost. You can add, store and organize digital files in a secure, structured system allowing staff members to focus on patient care and value-added activities.

ArdoCARE for Dentistry simplifies dentists’ work and patients’ life.

Happy client_Dentistry

Center of Cardiovascular Excellence for Children brings together specialists from renowned clinic worldwide to treat most difficult cases of cardiovascular disorders in children. Communication is sometimes burdened because of the distance and time lag. Medical papers are not always ready when the team gets together. So, decision-making and treatment ask for postponement. Meanwhile you know time is vital for your patient. What can you do?

Get ArdoCARE
Easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management
of health data

Medical Team collaboration software

With the Medical Team module from ArdoCARE, your patients’ documents are always there to access. Medical staff can add, store and organize digital files in a secure, collaborative system allowing a more accurate and rapid decision-making. This way, focus on patient care and value-added activities is enhanced.

ArdoCARE for Medical Teams lets you focus on the patient because the rest is on us.

Happy patient_Cardiovascular Center

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