ArdoCare SecOP Launched at Medica – the World Forum for Medicine

ArdoCARE launched the recently developed platform SECOP at Medica – the World Forum for Medicine taking place in Düsseldorf, on November 18-21, 2019.

ArdoCare SECOP was created for medical practices or even clinics who want to offer second opinion services to patients who seek to understand or validate previous interpretations or diagnoses. SecOp ArdoCAre is a secure solution with a logic and simple flow:

  1. Your second opinion services are published on your website
  2. Patient creates account/logs in and uploads their medical files
  3. You get access to the files, analyze them or accept or reject the request to provide second opinion
  4. If you accept, the patient pays the fee and receives your opinion/recommendation
  5. Patient removes files so no liability for patient’s personal data protection is on you

The advantages that ArdoCare SecOP brings to the table are:

For practices:

  • Save time
  • Remove geographical barriers
  • Help more patients
  • Transparent process
  • Data security ensured
For patients:

  • Rapid access to second opinion
  • Avoid unnecessary treatment and procedures
  • Reassurance
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce medical costs
  • Facilitate referrals

Ciprian Candea, CEO of Ropardo and creator of ArdoCARE, says about SECOP:

Building ArdoCARE SecOp was a natural evolution of our work based on the current needs of patients and medical practices. Basically, ArdoCARE is about facilitating the communication between the medical specialist and the patient. And SecOp is another way to respond to this need in the medical field.


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