ArdoCARE Partners Up for Healthcare

Dear partner-to-be,

There is no debate on that technology is already playing a vital role in healthcare in all areas of the society. ArdoCARE is a hospital information system covering all features you need for your hospital, basically patient records and the total of hospital operations.

The empowered patient is at the center of the system and around it we designed all the other functionalities useful to your hospital: from registration to clinical diagnosis and follow-up, from lab management to admin management.

ArdoCARE is suitable for various types of facilities, from single-specialty health centers and clinics to multispecialty hospitals, private or public.

We the team believe that everything ArdoCARE has to offer its beneficiaries will make a true difference in the world, so we equipped it as a GDPR-ready solution.

Imagine ArdoCARE as a bundle, with the empowered patient at its core. We will easily integrate other systems, such as a billing system or an independent pharmacy system, if required.

ArdoCARE application has a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to learn and easy to use. It is also a responsive application, it can be used just as easily on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. We’ve designed ArdoCARE in a way that one needs little training before using it.

We know that implementing a new tool in a very busy hospital is hard, especially in a resource constrain settings. That is why we the ArdoCARE team want to partner up with you in this technological effort to achieve earth-shaking improvements in healthcare. Contact us!

Your partner in healthcare,
ArdoCARE Team

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