To invest in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), also referred to as Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information System (HIS), is a huge decision with major implications. That is why it is not comfortable for many health providers to make the switch. Yet the reasons to adopt this emerging technology are powerful and worth […]

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ArdoCARE makes the perfect team with ROHEALTH, a powerful healthcare data integration platform. It responds to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized easy-to-use software designed for patients to adopt a health-aware lifestyle. ROHEALTH brings together forces: software development, industry know-how, national health system, healthcare providers, and moves things. ROHEALTH ecosystem […]

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ArdoCARE has been admitted to this year’s Bits and Pretzels class of start-ups graduating on Sep 30-Oct 2, 2018 in Munich. Winner of an European award for Success, Innovation and Ethics, ArdoCARE ensures: user-friendly interface that helps hospital staff get patients to the examination phase faster collaborative work and real-time file sharing based on level […]

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Dear partner-to-be, There is no debate on that technology is already playing a vital role in healthcare in all areas of the society. ArdoCARE is a hospital information system covering all features you need for your hospital, basically patient records and the total of hospital operations. The empowered patient is at the center of the […]

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