How ArdoCARE Integrates with More Complex Healthcare Platforms

ArdoCARE makes the perfect team with ROHEALTH, a powerful healthcare data integration platform. It responds to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized easy-to-use software designed for patients to adopt a health-aware lifestyle.

ROHEALTH brings together forces: software development, industry know-how, national health system, healthcare providers, and moves things. ROHEALTH ecosystem is made of ZivaCare and ArdoCare.

  • ZivaCare is among the first IoT platforms built to serve healthcare applications raise awareness in teenagers and elders, by reading users’ data from any smart/wearable device.
  • ArdoCare is a modern EMR & hospital software for developing world healthcare. Based on API, the intelligent module-like system creates great user experiences for physicians, admins, and implicitly patients.



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